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The following is an archive of most of the stories posted (or linked to) now or in the past. Some stories are on other web sites and may not remain available indefinitely. Stories on this site are copyrighted by the author or by me if not designated otherwise. Be sure to read my interview with Gordon Lightfoot.

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New Book by Ric Mixter about Edmund Fitzgerald Shipwreck (Nov 2022)
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New Gordon Lightfoot film, "Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind," (Jul, Aug 2020)
Gordon Lightfoot Announces New Album; First Single Available Now! (Jan 2020)
Gordon Lightfoot: The Complete Singles 1970-1980 (Jan 2019)
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Latest news from here and around the web

After Sundown, There is Moonshine — Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Lightfoot's #1 Sundown (Eric Greenberg 3/1/2024)
Gordon Lightfoot Announces New Canadian Dates in Western Canada and Ontario (Feb 2020)
New Interview: Gordon Lightfoot says new album will be out in March and it will be solo,
Gordon Lightfoot a 2019 Inductee into the Canadian Entertainment Hall of Fame (8/2019)
Gordon Lightfoot at 80: Inside Canadian Legend's Long Country Music History (RollingStone.com, 3/29/2019)
Gordon Lightfoot Concert Review by Don Ketchum, Phoenix AZ (Exclusive to this website),

Marinscope chats with legendary Gordon Lightfoot (Mill Valley Herald, Apr 2018)
Review of "Lightfoot" by Nicholas Jennings (Sep 2017)
Eric Greenberg's 1978 Lightfoot Interview, "What Brings Lightfoot Back to Buffalo?" (Feb 1978, republished here Oct 2017)
Alberta Ballet's "Our Canada" Set to Gordon Lightfoot Music (May 2017)
Songbook Box Set Now Available for Download at iTunes! (April 2017)
"Plans of my Own" - Song Review (November 2016)
Gordon Lightfoot To Release New Song (October 2016)
Long Overdue Review of Summertime Dream (August 2016)
Four Legends Record Video of "Me and Bobby McGee" (August 2016)
Songbook Box Set Re-Released! Available now! (March/May 2016)
Dream Street Rose, Shadows, Salute on 2 CDs - Available Here! (February/May 2016)
Gordon Lightfoot Concert Review by Don Ketchum (March 2016)
A New Lightfoot Song, a Co-write, Has Been Released (February 2016)
New interview: Gordon Lightfoot On Longevity, Elvis, Dylan, & Bieber (February 2015)
2012 Documentary Uses Lightfoot Recording (December 2014)
My List of Cover Recordings of Gordon Lightfoot Songs (September 2014)
Gord's Gold album receives audiophile treatment. (August 2014)
Audiophile Vinyl Adventures After Record Store Day (Review) (May 2014)
Neil Young Releases "Old Technology" Vinyl Album of Covers, called "A Letter Home, Dips Into Gordon Lightfoot's Catalogue Twice (April 2014)

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Don Williams New CD Reflections, Review (March 2014)
Gordon Lightfoot / Neil Young: One Great Canadian Icon Fills In For Another (August 2013)
Grant Rampy: In with the old; out with the new (May 2013)
Gordon Lightfoot Inducted Into Songwriters Hall of Fame (June 2012)
Gordon Lightfoot Announces 2012 Massey Hall Dates & New Live CD (February 2012)
Gordon Lightfoot a 2012 Inductee into Songwriters Hall of Fame (February 2012)
Biography of Ian & Sylvia, "Four Strong Winds" Review (February 2012)
David Rea, "First" Lead Guitar Player for Lightfoot, Passes Away (October 2011)
New book by Dave Bidini, "Writing Gordon Lightfoot" now available (October 2011)
"Ghosts of Cape Horn" Documentary (November 2011)
Gordon Lightfoot - Report from Massey Hall (May 2011)
Guitarist Carter Lancaster set to debut as lead Lightfoot guitarist in Greensboro (from Yes! Weekly 3/2011)
Terry Clements, Gordon Lightfoot's Lead Guitar Player, Passes Away (2/2011)

The Cottars - Feast Review (10/2010)
Review - Gordon Lightfoot at the Palace (from Lexington.com 10/2010)
Gordon Lightfoot Interview - A Life in Song (from Lexington.com 10/2010)
"Gordon Lightfoot: Canadian Railroad Trilogy" Children's Picture Book - Review (8/2010)
Lighthearted legend Gordon Lightfoot finds humour in rumours of his death (from The Chronicle Herald, 4/2010)
At 71, Gordon Lightfoot is touring, making more music (from GoUpstate.com, 2/2010)
Lightfoot to grace Opera House stage (Orillia Packet, 9/2009) (Two benefit concerts)
Gordon Lightfoot Interviewed By Mark Simone, 5/30/2009, WABC Radio - Listen Online (RealPlayer)
Concert Review: The Lion Rules In Phoenix, (10/2008)
Red Shea, Former Lead Guitar Player for Gordon Lightfoot, Dies at 70, (6/2008)
Gordon Lightfoot on CBC-TV's The Hour on May 6, 2008; Watch Online (4/2008)
A New Instructional DVD: Learn How to Play the Songs of Gordon Lightfoot, (3/2008)
Gordon Lightfoot in Albany, NY
Photo: Albany, NY, 4/5/2002. Used with permission.
Courtesy of Dave Wojeski and The Scene Magazine.

Review: The Top 100 Canadian Albums (12/9/2007)
New DVD on Canadian Music Released in Canada (11/2007)
Gordon Lightfoot Stamp (6/13/2007)
Gordon Lightfoot's Surprised to Be Here (Wall Street Journal, 5/2/2007)
Gordon Lightfoot still captivating (dailyrecord.com, 4/27/2007)
A Passing Ship, Lightfoot Visits Phoenix (1/29/2007)
Gordon Lightfoot to Perform in Atlantic Canada in May 2007 (1/2007)
Gordon Lightfoot At Massey, November, 2006 (11/2006)
Q&A with Gordon Lightfoot (Montreal Gazette, 11/6/2006)
Gordon Lightfoot Announces His Canadian Touring Schedule for the Fall of 2006 (02/20/2006)
The Long River, A Personal Tribute To Gordon Lightfoot by J.P. Cormier (01/11/2005)
Orillia: The Birthplace of Canadian Legend Gordon Lightfoot - (CBC Archives)
Gordon Lightfoot Tribute CD Released (8/15/2003)
New Theater, Old Time Lightfoot Magic (8/7/2002)
Musical Tribute in Charlottetown, PE (6/14/2002)
Cambodian Links with Canada's Lightfoot (5/9/2002)
My Exclusive Interview With Gordon Lightfoot, 3/8/2002 (web posted: 4/11/2002)
Rhino Releases Gordon Lightfoot "Complete Greatest Hits" CD (4/02/2002)
A Musical Tour of the 1960s (3/1/2002)
Concert Review, Sun Theater, 8/13/2001 (web posted 10/2001)

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Gordon Lightfoot "Live In Reno" Video (updated 1/02/2002)
"The Final Four" - Finally! (updated 10/15/2001)
Gordon Lightfoot Returns To Massey Hall (5/26/2001)
Gordon Lightfoot Returns To Massey Hall (5/24/2001)
Gordon Lightfoot Performs in Nashville (4/2001)
No Need To Read His Mind: Busy Lightfoot Weighs In (8/2000) (Arizona Republic)
Gordon Lightfoot Returns to NYC's Town Hall (8/2000)
Martin Guitar Company Announces Limited Edition Gordon Lightfoot Guitar, the D-18GL (7/2000)
MUSIC: Gordon Lightfoot, Still Here (New York Times, 3/5/2000)
Gordon Lightfoot Songbook Released by Rhino (6/1999)
Exclusive Interview (6/1999)
Gordon Lightfoot Can Still Run The Race, Sing The Folk Songs (6/1997) (Arizona Republic)
Still Light On His Feet - Minstrel With Rejuvenated Life, Career, Sets Valley Gig (6/1993) (Phoenix Gazette)
Lightfoot Pickin' Up Right Where He Left Off (6/1990) (Phoenix Gazette)


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