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Farewell To Annabel (lyrics)
That Same Old Obsession (lyrics)
Old Dan's Records (lyrics)
Lazy Mornin' (lyrics)
You Are What I Am (lyrics)
Can't Depend On Love (lyrics)
My Pony Won't Go (lyrics)
It's Worth Believin' (lyrics)
Mother Of A Miner's Child (lyrics)
Hi'Way Songs (lyrics)

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Lightfoot's touring in 1972 was curtailed when he was stricken with Bell's Palsy, so this album did not get as much pre-release publicity from live concerts as would have been normal. As a result, this album and its predecessor, Don Quixote, didn't chart as well as they should have given the wealth of great songs on both of them.

Of the songs on this album, "Old Dan's Records" was one of a very few songs you could anticipate at the end of a concert, primarily because he had to move the capo, but as an upbeat song it engaged the audience and always left us with good feelings. Three others — Farewell to Annabel, It's Worth Believin' and Hi'Way Songs — are among his very best but little known songs.

PS: I think these clips are from my vinyl record, having made them before they were first released on CD. That means you can hear the beauty of the songs, but not how they will sound on CD. I need to dig up my CDs to remake those clips!


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